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Best Burgers

Bellavista, head to Cervecería Loom, for a no-nonsense burger experience. The burger offered at Loom is simple and rather perfect - 200g of beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, purple cabbage, onion, and a house mayo, all placed between the best and softest hamburger bun of the lot. The potato wedged fries are glorious as well; perfectly golden on the outside, creamy on the inside, and most importantly, served hot. Loom is the type of place you simultaneously want to tell all your friends about, but as soon as they start going, you’ll secretly start feeling pretty bitter about it. It takes a “special” type of person to not see how awesome this place is; great craft beer on tap, original and edgy décor (ie; a mural that reads “Leaving? Go F**k Yourself” as you exit), and two owners who obviously know their stuff. The brewpub recently reopened after some trouble with the law (something about the city of Santiago not wanting its citizens to have access to unique and local craft beer?), however, with a new menu coming soon that promises even more American style burger options, partners Jaime Ojeda and Chuck May, along with chef Nicolas Guillou, are ready to get back at it. Regardless of their slight setback, this place is doing everything the right way. All burgers/sandwiches come in a dish that purposely prohibits customers from eating their food piece by piece with a fork and knife – and it doesn’t get more right than that (if you’ve lived in Santiago long enough, you will understand the necessity of this design). Loom is open Tuesday – Saturday after 18:00 hrs.

Cerveza LOOM - Bellavista 0360, Providencia