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With winter days slowly coming to an end and the promise of consistent sunshine in Santiago’s horizon, there’s only one thing that comes to mind…a nice cold beer on a warm sunny day. Native Chileno, Jaime Ojeda, couldn’t have planned a better time to unveil his contribution to the rising beer scene that is happening in Santiago right now. Last Sunday, September 29, he and his good friend and brewing partner in crime, Charles Le May, held an event to share their hopped-up creations with friends and other local beer enthusiasts. The turn out was great, the beer even better. Held in the midst of what looks like a pretty standard industrial area in Macul, you would never know you were steps away from such a genuinely authentic group of beer lovers, so welcoming and humble in their more than capable brewing skills.

Loom, as the mini-micro brewery will be known, offered four hand-crafted beers to the public. Each one, a different style, showing off the skill these guys have, that range across the spectrum. The ‘Gringa Loca’, their American Pale Ale, was crisp, floral, and definitely a Sunday sipping beer to be enjoyed under the sun. The ‘Stinky Brunette’, seemed to play as Loca’s arch nemesis, bearing all the qualities a brown ale should, with medium body and rich caramel flavor that seemed to be the perfect chaser to the empanadas de pino being served. Third on the list was Loom’s ‘Mounstrosa IPA’ weighing in at 7.0% and true to form, showed the most promising IBU’s of Santiago’s Indian Pale Ales. And last but certainly not least, ‘Tyson Stout’, an oatmeal stout that had all the molasses and chocolaty goodness to stand in as desert on its own.

Cerveza LOOM - Bellavista 0360, Providencia